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Electric Bikes (1890s - Present)

A pioneer in the electric bike industry, IZIP has been innovating eBike technology in Southern California since 1998. While their 20 plus years have established them as an industry leader, their leadership team saw an opportunity to enhance their customer journey through a multichannel approach to their digital ecosystem.


IZIP Electric’s team of executives, sales, product designers, and customer service representatives collaborated with the G Conspiracy team to implement a digital strategy to engage existing and new customers across web, social, and email channels.

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Commerce Site Project Highlights


  • Corporate and Public

User Experience (UX)

Graphic Design / Website Design

Product Information Management (PIM)

G Conspiracy developed an application its clients can utilize allowing teams of product managers and marketers to manage their data outside of the site with automatic synchronization.  PIM manages:

  • SEO copy
  • Imagery
  • Marketing copy
  • Thousands of data points
  • Allows client team to deploy and manage products across multiple partner channels and their own web properties

Web Development

  • Hosting management and configuration
  •  Magento/WordPress
    • Utilizing integrations to combine commerce and editorial content onto one platform
  • Magento eCommerce
    • Pricing catalog for Corporate and Public audiences
  • Real-Time retailer inventory integration for consumer in-store pick-up
  • CRM integration
    • Email list handling
    • Email triggered sends
    • Email drip campaigns
  • ERP integration and synchronization
    • Inventory
    • Multiple Pricing Catalogs
    • Order management
  • PIM integration
    • Magento / PIM integration for automatic data syncronization and Magento product management
IZIP Electric Bikes Mobile

Digital Marketing Project Highlights

Digital Marketing

  • Strategize and execute a marketing plan
  • Buyer persona research creation
  • Category Competitor Research
  • Search Engine Research & Optimization
  • Project Plan and Timeline Creation
  • Media Plan Development
  • Creative Approach
  • Content Development including Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography & Photo editing
  • Content Management
  • Campaign Creative Development
  • Tagging and Distribution of Campaign Assets to Marketing Partners
  • Campaign Optimization, Ongoing Account Service and Communication
  • Social Channel Marketing/Social Platform management
  • Optimize ad spend through remarketing to increase site conversion
  • Landing page updates coordinated with campaigns
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