Diamondback Bikes

B2B/B2C Commerce

Smart E-Commerce

Diamondback is one of the most well-known brands across the globe. Diamondback designs bikes for kids, weekend warriors, endurance athletes, downhill and uphill. With such a vast selection, making sure the consumer has help finding the bike which best fits their needs is critical.

G Conspiracy built an e-commerce platform which adapted to Diamondback’s inventory, selling season and marketing goals.

Context-Aware Content for Maximum Conversion

Seeing a need to tie purchasing, product, marketing, and graphic teams together so they could work efficiently along with the need for data syndicated to vendor platforms and the press, G Conspiracy implemented a PIM solution. This solution efficiently tied teams and platforms together so when products were launched or content was changed it only had to be updated once.


Project Highlights


  • Corporate and Public

User Experience (UX)

Graphic Design / Website Design

GPIM: Product Information Management (PIM)

G Conspiracy developed an application its clients can utilize allowing teams of product managers and marketers to manage their data outside of the site with automatic synchronization.

Context-Aware Content for Maximum Conversion

PIM manages:

  • SEO copy
  • Imagery
  • Marketing copy
  • Thousands of data points
  • Allows client team to deploy and manage products across multiple partner channels and their own web properties
  • GPIM allows thousands of pieces of product data imagery and video content to be managed by the internal team. Allowing them to update any time
  • Their site automatically updates with the latest products and content

Web Development

  • Hosting management and configuration
  •  Magento/WordPress
    • Utilizing integrations to combine commerce and editorial content onto one platform
  • Magento eCommerce
    • Pricing catalog for Corporate and Public Audiences
  • Real-Time retailer inventory integration for consumer in-store pick-up
  • CRM integration
    • Email list handling
    • Email triggered sends
    • Email drip campaigns
  • ERP integration and synchronization
    • Inventory
    • Multiple Pricing Catalogs
    • Order management
  • PIM integration
    • Magento / PIM integration for automatic data synchronization and Magento product management
  • ERP integration
    • In order to show the most up to date pricing and inventory the Diamondback e-commerce site integrated with Diamondback’s inventory management system
  • Marketing content management
    • Diamondback’s marketing team could create landing pages and articles along with keeping the products up to date without having to know any code. They could schedule out their updates in advance.
  • Ascent CRM integration
  • Continuous Integration

As part of this project, we created landing pages to coincide with marketing campaigns.

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