Our Approach

Our working process can be boiled down to the essential values of – Collaborate, Iterate, Improve, and Prioritize. G Conspiracy utilizes the Agile methodology for all of our projects whether it be web development, user experience or digital marketing. Agile allows us to efficiently iterate through ideas to quickly distill down to the best solutions and deliver more often.

We believe in ongoing collaboration between G Conspiracy and our clients along with continuous delivery of work products. As projects progress, G Conspiracy will continuously reevaluate processes and communication flows with our clients to be as adaptive, efficient, effective, and have the highest project velocity possible.

Project Management


Every project is unique, has complexities, and dependencies. Whether it is a single social post, a full new eCommerce site, or an email blast we approach each one with a tried and true Agile pattern of Evaluate > Plan > Design > Develop > Test > Release. This process is integral throughout everything we do, from small features to large-scale launches.

Project Management Tools

Jira – Ticket

Our work and project tasks are organized using Atlassian’s Jira project management system. This tool allows us to efficiently manage all aspects of a project through its entire lifecycle – from planning to tracking, to release. As we spin up a new project in Jira, clients will receive login access to create tickets, see progress, and communicate with our team.

GitHub – Source Code Review and Versioning

We use GitHub for version control, source code management, and efficient development collaboration. GitHub allows us to work through development tasks as a team while carefully managing and tracking changes to source code.

Jenkins – Continuous Integration

For Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, we utilize Jenkins. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment is an automated way of releasing feature updates, bug fixes, and enhancements to server environments (Dev/Integration, Test, Stage, Production) in a controlled manner.

Deliver Value: Early & Often

Priority one for the G Conspiracy team is continuously delivering valuable products early and often. Taking the time for technical strength, along with excellent and functional design allows project velocity to stay consistent and the project to remain nimble.

As requirements change and evolve, we can rescope – updating timelines as ideas, inspiration, and new business needs arise. G Conspiracy collaborates with clients to determine what is always their top priority through various project scope adjustments. We have a proven track record of being able to manage and develop concurrent projects, so as priorities change our team will shift gears to focus on the most critical tasks and projects.

Even with the most complex “behind the scenes” technical projects, there is work product which can be reported on or shown. We strive to deliver this work frequently so you can keep up with our progress and give your feedback. From hand-drawn sketches of new navigation ideas to continuous integration deployment process creation, there are interesting and exciting work products to be shared.

Client Collaboration

Through our experience and collaborative style, G Conspiracy will function primarily as a member of your team. We believe business, marketing, sales, product, graphic design, and web development team members should work together for the best results. We strive to work closely with our clients and be accessible with open lines of communication, so when inspiration hits, we are available to work together to make magic happen. We are all integral to the success of projects, so in person and voice conversations are essential. Even though we are delivering products in the digital space, project team members need to be able to communicate freely.